About Us

Our goal is to give consumers a unique experience of tasting high quality, single origin Colombian coffees.



To empower smallholder coffee families throughout Colombia, engendering greater socio-economic rural prosperity within coffee growing communities.


We envision a more just, inclusive and equitable coffee sector that enables coffee producers to thrive.


Transparency: We work directly with farmers, farmer organizations and communities, guaranteeing the traceability of our coffee from farm to cup.

Responsibility: We are committed to protecting the environment; fostering gender equality and ensuring all of our farmers have access to improved services.

Quality: We strive to have the best coffee in Colombia; therefore we have set standards at every step of the process to ensure our quality is reflected with every sip you take.


Our coffee is imported from several farms in Colombia, spanning the whole country.

We roast locally and distribute to small businesses looking to join in the adventure that is the coffee industry.

Our key focus is female led entrepreneurship. Women are what set Coffeecionado apart from other coffee companies.

Our desire is to see more women join in this venture and grow as entrepreneurs and small business owners.